We are more than a building on an plot of land in Cherokee County. If you live in or near Canton, Georgia, and you are seeking a church to call yours, browse our core values to find out if our beliefs align with your own.

We would love for you to come visit the Church of the Messiah.

Our Core Values are what define us as a church. Each image below is an actual sculpture displayed in our main lobby. Not only do these unique pieces serve as reminders for us but they also beautifully convey our values to visitors as well. Each piece was created by a member of our church.




Salvation through Jesus Christ
Our faith starts here; as we accept the sacrifice of Christ for the forgiveness of our sins, repent and are baptized

Here the wood carver
used a beam from Governor
Joe Brown’s home to construct 
the cross. Joe Brown was the 
governor of the state of Georgia 
during the civil war 
and Brown’s home was one of 
only three homes 
spared in the city of Canton 
by General Sherman. 
The arm is a single 
hand carved invitation using
a limb from an old tree from
that same property. 
The old rugged cross is
where our faith stands.



 DSC_0469 m
Lordship of Jesus
We are called to live under His lordship of our lives- His plans, purposes, priorities

Here the artists used
common cotton t-shirts
and clothes hangers to form
the woman kneeling, and a
simple wooden frame to hold her.
The “Crown of Glory” is a piece
of twisted copper.
From ordinary materials of life
can come an extraordinary
life lived under the
Lordship of Christ.







Empowering of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is essential to a Christ follower

Here the artist again used simple
twists of copper to create the look
of vibrant life in the Spirit.
May our simple lives be filled
with such life!











Authority of Scripture
The Word of God is the authority for life

This remarkable artwork has
multiple layers; with the 4 Gospels
fairly obvious, as well as the back
canvas listing all the 66 books
of the Bible. But there are also layers
of clouds depicting the Holy Spirit,
other promises from God, and,
in very small print, an entire panel
of all the “red-letter words” of
Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew!
Yes, the Lord is always speaking
to us through His Word.







Priority of Prayer
Prayer is as essential for a believer as breathing is for a human

The painter used the infinity
symbol to represent God,
and the use of shared
colors between the hands
laid out before God and
God Himself to
represent the movement
of new realities
experienced through prayer.











Woven together in Holy Communion /Holy Community
We journey together in the mystery of shared life in Christ

Children in a VBS course
took time each day to weave
this pattern to depict our lives
woven together in the
of Christ.
Once we saw their
simple but
beautiful work we knew
it had to be used to
depict our sixth core value.











Faithfulness to the Great Commission
Believing the first 6 core values requires that we go into the world sharing these truths in love with others.

Here the wood worker helps
us understand Jesus’
commission to go forth
and make disciples of all
nations. Using many types
of wood, dimensions, and
sizes of arrows, we are
to understand that each
of us is to “go forth” whether
in our homes, school,
work place, neighborhood,
community, or across the
world, with the message
of forgiveness and
grace found in Jesus.